Famous People with Fibromyalgia


One of the most difficult things about pain is that it is such an intensely personal experience.  The person suffering hopes that others will understand, and it’s almost impossible to make people understand something that they haven’t experienced.  While everyone has personal encounters with pain in general, the difference between stubbing your toe and suffering chronic pain is enormous.  Today, with new facts about fibromyalgia and more promising treatments always on the horizon, it is becoming a more compassionate world for sufferers.  Likewise, there are also celebrities that take it upon themselves to help get the word out, so that people can educate themselves.


With famous sufferers like Susan Flannery or Sinead O’Connor, there is hope.  Because brave and courageous women like them are willing to speak out about their own experiences, it takes some of the … Read the rest

Embracing the Icon

Wanting to join the cult of personality is one thing.  Having the capacity for it is quite another.  There are very few who are born with the uncanny ability to understand the power of image, and carry the strength and intelligence to play their own image to its full potential.  It is certainly true that luck plays a large part of it, and perhaps is the most essential part of it.  Being at the right place and at the right time is not something that anyone can plan for, but it is something that young talents have to hope for.  In the meantime, there are ways of giving power to one’s own image.

Being able to manipulate one’s image with any level of savvy can be quite expensive.  When it comes to wanting to be discovered, in terms of money, … Read the rest

Living Incognito in Ottawa


While Ottawa may not be the perfect city for celebrity sightings, it is a fairly fantastic place to be, if you happen to be young and famous.  It’s far enough away from the coasts to attract too many fans, and urbane enough that there are a dizzying array of things to do in the city.  The cultures move in concentric circles, so there is a pleasant familiarity among friends, and still more than enough new people coming to the city every day to make it constantly shifting.  Not everyone looking for ways to spend a night on the town will fall in love with the city and start looking for apartments for rent.  But that’s one of the positives, because it is a place where one can be well-connected, and still immersed in a local neighborhood culture.

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On Demand Movies Save Big Bucks for Families

Going out to the movies can be a fun family activity, but is it really worth the cost? Going out will easily set you back over $40 to take a family of four to see a film. Add a bucket of popcorn and a couple of drinks, not to mention transportation costs, and you’ve spent well over $60. It would be much more cost effective to watch an on-demand movie in the comfort of your own home. In addition to saving money, there are many other reasons to choose watching an on-demand movie through a Cable Provider. Some of the other reasons are:

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Top 5 Musicians to Come out of Indiana

Indiana was admitted to the U.S. as the nineteenth state on December 11th, 1816. It’s situated within the Midwestern U.S. and Great Lakes Region. It’s ranked 38 within land area and includes the smallest state within the continental United States west of the Appalachian Mountains. Indian’s capital and biggest city includes Indianapolis, the 2nd largest of any state capital as well as biggest state capital east of the Mississippi River. There are some very famous celebrities who come from the state of Indiana. Here is a list of the top five musicians to come out of Indiana:

John Mellencamp
John Mellencamp includes an American musician, rock singer-songwriter, occasional actor and painter well-known for his populist, catchy brand of heartland rock which eschews synthesizers and additional artificial sounds that are in favor of acoustic instrumentation. He’s sold more than forty … Read the rest

Celebrity Rehab: Growing up in Public


There are probably more stories now on the web about Charlie Sheen than there are about Charlemagne, even though most people would recognize that one has a much greater importance, historically speaking.  It’s not that the media blinds people to what’s really important, but that famous people behaving badly is terribly interesting.  Celebrity is something that carries with it a body of myths that are as attractive and evasive as winning the lottery.  For some, misbehaviors are reminders that we are all human and make mistakes.  But for others, it can be a subject of scorn, stemming from insecurities that are disguised as moral superiority.


That is one of the very difficult things about stories of celebrity rehab.  They’re interesting to everyone, but they hold something special for those who are wondering if there is a path for … Read the rest

Aristotle and the Young Mechanic

It’s part of the charm of a subculture to find so much passion in the details.  The small touches, executed with what is obviously a deep love and care, gives a look and a lifestyle a special coherence.  Boosted with careful attention and a sense of style, small details can make something absolutely pop.  Any hot rod aficionado will find their own way into the realm of complicated choices when they have to find discount vintage tires for the first time.  This is when the search for the authentic needs to meet with the economically feasible, and that’s the point where style can give way to form.  In the best scenarios, however, it’s possible to find a place where they both actually marry, and this can innovate the style for the rest of the subculture.

There are those who have … Read the rest

Lindsay Lohan and the Ignition Interlock Device

Lindsay Lohan made her legal team aware of a full page ad about ignition interlock devices using her mugshot from her DUI case.  So what are ignition interlock devices?

An ignition interlock device is used to monitor breath alcohol levels on certain drivers who have been convicted of DUI.  The device is installed on a vehicle’s dashboard and drivers must use it before they can start their vehicle.  To do this the driver breathes into the device.  The device measures the breath alcohol amount.  If it is below the programmed amount in the device then the engine will start as normal.  If above these limits the engine will not start.  The limits set are usually in the range of 0.02 to 0.04%

The ignition interlock device will also ask for readings at random periods after the vehicle is started.  This … Read the rest

Dylans Motorcycle

There is a kind of studied coolness that every generation seems to cultivate. That perfect measure of aloofness with genuine concern for the troubles of the world is one that is somehow enormously off-putting to the boring people in the world, and absolutely mesmerizing to the culture of the super-hip. One of the most prominent qualities of the super-hip, of course, is that hipness itself is a creation and a fiction, and is of relatively no importance in the big scheme of things. Irony is the real master, but too much irony can throw one out of the ring entirely.

It’s probably impossible to know for sure whether or not Bob Dylan was the one who created the codes, or was the perfect chameleon , mastering codes that were already in place before he hit the scene. What is knowable … Read the rest

Will Today’s Youth Be Interested in Car Collecting?

Car collecting has always seemed to be a huge phenomenon in America. People would collect classic cars and fix them up with rim and tire packages and a custom paint job, and then take them to car shows to bond with other collectors. It’s always seemed to be common whether it was going with family to the car shows or collecting the cars yourself.

Today, it seems that while car collecting is still a major hobby, many young people are not as interested as the previous generation. Fewer teenagers are interested in buying or owning a classic car and many do not know the first thing about how to maintain or fix one. Another major factor is that the majority of people today do not know how to drive a stick shift car, which is a must to own … Read the rest