Celebrities Highlight the Vegan Lifestyle

Celebrities shine out at us from all sorts of places: the big theater screen, TV at home, and from our handheld devices. Their ever-changing presence surrounds us.  Some celebrities bring a special glow of health. Those stars just might be vegan.

Vegetarians have been around for a long time – centuries, in fact. Mahatma Gandhi himself made reference to the International Vegetarian Congress, held in London in September of 1890. He later started writing for their publications. By now vegetarianism is widely understood on the street as someone who chooses to eat plants rather than animals as food.

More recently, vegan culture has been moving into our society’s consciousness for some time. But even five years ago, many people couldn’t even pronounce the word (VEE-gun). “What does that mean?” they would ask.

Vegans Defined

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