Driving South Africa

The country of South Africa is huge! With more than one thousand six hundred miles of coast line, nearly five hundred thousand square miles of land South Africa is the twenty fifth largest country in the world. South Africa’s terrain is varied, vast and grand with elevations from sea level to nearly eleven thousand three hundred feet above sea level at the highest peak. When researching out trip to South Africa these statistics made me realize that car hire in South Africa would be essential to get the most out of our trip.

Looking forward to a temperate climate due to the surrounding Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. The days should be warm and inviting with cooler and breezy evenings. The coast line is beautify, rugged and rocky and long. Having a car and being able to get about … Read the rest

Hot Summers Concert in New York

While I’m staying at one of the New York Casino hotels during the summer, which can be a pretty unpleasant place to be. The humidity alone is unbearable, my hair will look atrocious, but I’ll be checking out the abundance of free outdoor concerts. I’ve located two that seem promising. The River to River Festival and the Central Park Summer stage.

I found River to River Festival on the Internet. It takes place each summer from June through August, at many different public venues which covers all of Downtown New York. Like from the southern most tip of Manhattan up to Chambers Street and across the island from river to river. There will be world class performing arts festivals with a broad sweep of programming and it’s all free. The reason for the events being free is to enhance the … Read the rest

The US Open is totally going green!

The US open tennis tournament has been focusing on its green initiatives to help educate people and make the tournament as eco-friendly as possible. The first thing that the tournament did was to hire on of the top environmental consultants and started to figure out how they could make the tournament more eco-friendly and how it could be done. The first thing that was done was to partner with the Evian water company and create ways to recycle for people who are attending the event. That way every time that someone buys and drinks a water bottle at the event they have the option to recycle it. The program had a goal of recycling about 500,000 plastic bottles and 20,000 aluminum cans at the tennis event.  The water company made sure to put about 80 receptacles around the event so … Read the rest

Ibiza Music Scene

The island of Ibiza off the coast of Spain has a great deal to offer residents and tourists alike. While it is primarily known for its amazing nightclub scene, there is actually a great deal more to focus on regarding culture and entertainment. The music scene in particular is vibrant and thriving and Ibiza’s orientation to the promotion of arts is also incorporated into its fascinating nightlife. The Carling Music Festival embodies this and brings the opportunity to experience great live music to the beautiful island. Tourists flock to the Balearic Islands all summer, and have various interests and reasons for making it their choice vacation destination. The best hotels Ibiza fill to capacity during the summer months when excitement and celebration permeate the island.

The San Antonio hotel, appropriately named Ibiza Rocks Hotel, forges the path for this new … Read the rest

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Many overweight people are turning to gastric sleeve surgery to help life-threatening weight. With medical costs soaring higher than ever, seeking treatment outside the country offers a solution whereby patients can pay lower fees while receiving excellent care.

Gastric sleeve costs in Mexico are radically lower than in the United States, often offering savings of more than 50%. Mexican physicians are highly trained, often with post graduate work done in the United States. In this regard they not only excel in cutting-edge techniques, but also are able to communicate in fluent English to better serve their patients. Additionally the patient attention to personalized care is a trademark in Mexican hospitals.

An added bonus achieved by saving money on gastric sleeve or any other type of necessary surgery, is that with the money saved on medical costs, patients are able … Read the rest

British Darling Admits to OCD

Alesha Dixon may be known as Europe’s Beyonce, but the young British singing sensation recently announced that she struggles with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). Her days are planned out to the minute and everything in her home is clean and orderly. Her nickname is “Monica” after the character on “Friends.”

Her work schedule is as organized and exact as other parts of her life. Friday she was in Berlin to promote her alubm and tonight she will be covering celebrities arriving at the BAFTA Awards (the British Oscars) for E! Entertainment Television. The star recently returned from a visit to Thailand to see her father. No doubt she stayed in one of the luxurious 5 star Thailand hotels that celebrities favor.

Dixon won the British competitions show “Strictly Come Dancing” in 2007. Her short marriage to rapper MC Harvey ended … Read the rest