Richest Race Drivers Under 30

Driving fast is associated with being young, but most of the top earning race drivers are in their late 30s and early 40s. This is a matter of arithmetic. The more years spent racing, the more money they accumulate.  There are, however a few exceptions to the rule. For every Dale Earnhardt Jr and Tony Stewart, there’s a Kyle Busch. For every Jeff Gordonr, there’s a Travis Pastrana. For each Mark Webber or Valentino Rossi there’s Sebastian Vettel.

Here are four of the highest paid auto racers under the age of 30:

Kyle Busch, 28

Sources indicate that Kyle Busch, an American stock car racer, is worth $40 million.  This includes salary and winnings as a driver in NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and the Nationwide Series.  Busch is also the owner of Kyle Busch Motorsports which also competes in the … Read the rest

Speed Racers

If there is any person that is most attracted to speed, it is the young.  Young people take more risks, especially in cars, because the need for speed is great and there is little to no self control.  There’s a fantastic reason that car and motorcycle insurance is higher for people under 25—they have the most accidents because they take the most risks.  But it’s exactly that same recklessness that attracts, and often helps, young people in the world of motorsports.

Take, for example, Zach Veach, IndyCar driver.  Unlike most other drivers, he has to do his homework before getting in the car.  Driving for the Andretti Autosport team, Veach is only 17 years old, and got his start working for Michael Andretti.  He did some time in the USF 2000, but has since moved up to Star Mazda.  Is … Read the rest