Top 5 Musicians to Come out of Indiana

Indiana was admitted to the U.S. as the nineteenth state on December 11th, 1816. It’s situated within the Midwestern U.S. and Great Lakes Region. It’s ranked 38 within land area and includes the smallest state within the continental United States west of the Appalachian Mountains. Indian’s capital and biggest city includes Indianapolis, the 2nd largest of any state capital as well as biggest state capital east of the Mississippi River. There are some very famous celebrities who come from the state of Indiana. Here is a list of the top five musicians to come out of Indiana:

John Mellencamp
John Mellencamp includes an American musician, rock singer-songwriter, occasional actor and painter well-known for his populist, catchy brand of heartland rock which eschews synthesizers and additional artificial sounds that are in favor of acoustic instrumentation. He’s sold more than forty … Read the rest

Professional Developments in Superstition

Julian is an odd kind of guy but not in a bad way. He works in professional development. He has a degree from Harvard in business. He has dog named Gibson after the famous guitar brand. He also has superstitions.

His superstitions are mild superstitions though. There is a fountain pen he absolutely must have at every board meeting he ever goes to. He will even make up an excuse to come in ten or fifteen minutes late to find it if her must. It is a rather nifty fountain pen. It has a pulp fiction dime novel wrapped around its top while the bottom where the pen tip is has a checkerboard pattern in white gold and onyx. He said he had the pen in his hand when he got the phone call that he was hired at his … Read the rest