Inner Focus Music

There is a growing buzz about spiritual types of music such as meditation music, yoga music and ambient music.  One of the best resources for this type of music is Inner Focus Music a site featuring news and reviews on this field.  Check it out!!

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Latin Jazz Group

I love world beat music and Latin music in particular.  I got into it in ther 1970’s and have followed it ever since.  I love the sensual sound at the  wat it just makes me want to dance.  I now have countless latin CDs in my collection and have been to many live performances.

Anyway I was looking for a Phoenix latin jazz group to play my wedding.  Luckily I came across Sol Gitana.  They did a great job and I have nothing but happy memories of the day.  They also can play as a traditional jazz group too!

Sergio Mendes is has a summer tour lined up and I will be making sure I catch on of his dates.  There are other fantastic Latin tours lined up so check them out and go out and support live music!!

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Phoenix Jazz Group

I love jazz music! I play it when I’m at home, when I’m working…and while I am driving. It just makes me feel good. I find it relaxing…..and I also find it mentally stimulating. Listening to the great music of John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Bill Evans and other great jazz groups is relaxing, but it also makes me think. I dont know what it is about this type of music but I find it mentally stimulating.

Here in Arizona there is no lack of Phoenix jazz groups. There is great music but you really have to search it out as the venues come and go on a regular basis. The best thing to do is to find a newspaper or one of the various online sites that list venues and which Arizona jazz band is playing. Then pick … Read the rest