Lindsay Lohan and the Ignition Interlock Device

Lindsay Lohan made her legal team aware of a full page ad about ignition interlock devices using her mugshot from her DUI case.  So what are ignition interlock devices?

An ignition interlock device is used to monitor breath alcohol levels on certain drivers who have been convicted of DUI.  The device is installed on a vehicle’s dashboard and drivers must use it before they can start their vehicle.  To do this the driver breathes into the device.  The device measures the breath alcohol amount.  If it is below the programmed amount in the device then the engine will start as normal.  If above these limits the engine will not start.  The limits set are usually in the range of 0.02 to 0.04%

The ignition interlock device will also ask for readings at random periods after the vehicle is started.  This … Read the rest