Celebrities and Their Cars

Celebrities have had a reputation for enjoying fast cars over the years.  They may enjoy collecting them or racing, but it has been a common occurrence to see famous stars sporting new wheels.  For some, it is a sign of wealth or an indication that they have finally “made it” while others collect because it is their true obsession.

Celebrities through History

One of the most famous stories of celebrities and their cars is a tragedy by the legendary James Dean.  He was well-known for his love of fast cars and the passion contributed to his death as he crashed head on into another, larger vehicle.  However, Dean was also famous for his love of racing and competed in races with a first place finish in the Palm Springs Road Races.

Elvis Presley was another celebrity known for his love … Read the rest

The World is a-twitter with Celebrities on Twitter

Social media has changed what it means to be a celebrity. Celebrities that leverage social media tend to be more successful than those that do not. This is especially true for celebrities under 30.

The advantage of social media for celebrities is that it allows them to reach out and connect with their fans. Celebrities and fans can literally talk directly to one another, which up until the last decade have been next to impossible. Sure, fans could send mail and hope for a letter back, but it was rare and impractical due to the volume of mail popular celebrities received.

Lady GagaNow all one has to do is search for a favorite celeb online, locate his or her twitter page, and send a tweet. Savvy celebrities see it as an opportunity to connect with the fans that have made them … Read the rest

Top Earning Young Celebrities

Those of us who consider ourselves ordinary must admit to being somewhat enamored with the celebrity elite. Their lifestyles and fame are things we can only dream of. Their scandals keep us on the edge of our seats. Their youtube accounts get millions of hits. Their fortunes… well, it seems net worth is one of our major celebrity curiosities, determining their popularity in the minds of the public. Most celebrities are well paid in comparison t the average, everyday Joe or Jane; however, some rake in more cash than their entertainment industry colleagues do. Below is an informative list of the top earning celebrities under 30.


These young musicians have quickly risen to the top since each of their careers began. Not yet 30, each of these rising stars raked in more than $50 million between 2011 and 2012.… Read the rest