Dorm Vs Apartment: Which One Do You Choose?

Your child is moving away for college and you’re faced with the decision of choosing between a dorm and an apartment. Although most colleges and universities require freshmen students to stay in university hosted dormitories and residence halls, higher level college students or those who are aged 21 and above may actually choose between living in a dormitory or an apartment.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages between the two:

Advantages of Living in the Dorm

  • Proximity to school. Dormitories or residence halls are often located within the campus, or at least very near the campus. Access to classes and school facilities is faster and more convenient.
  • Parents and guardians will be able to easily monitor their kids’ schedule and activities.
  • Since dormitories are located inside campus, the academic feel will always be there which may lead students to become
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Backyard Kitchen Parties and Coffee Drinks

Backyard kitchens have become extremely common in homes across the country. In addition to being great places to entertain and host dinner parties they also end up saving families a great deal of money in the long run. Money that would otherwise be spent on dining out or various weekend entertainment now goes to new dvds and kitchen or barbeque accessories.

And every great backyard kitchen has its own coffee maker. The style or specific model might vary from home to home though you can be sure that you will find at least one model of the diverse home coffee makers as an included appliance. Coffee is a great element in any dining event and it is frequently served before and after the actual meal. And on a cool evening in a beautifully landscaped backyard, a nice hot cup of … Read the rest

Horizontal or Vertical Blinds?

When choosing new blinds for a home, there are usually two types of blinds available to consumers. These are horizontal blinds and vertical blinds. The difference can be huge in terms of style, but not in terms of use or purpose. The choice of one or the other can be the difference in a whole room from a flash of color, to making the room a little more elegant. Vertical blinds are not as common in houses as horizontal blinds and can add a little extra flair to the room, this can be a nice personal touch in a room that many people will be in often. These blinds aren’t usually very good for smaller windows like those often found in bathrooms, but are great for large view windows like in a living room or bedrooms. Horizontal blinds are not … Read the rest

Blinds and the Art of Inner Travel

Toward the end of his life, Carl Jung said that he was the luckiest man he ever knew.  It had nothing to do with any kind of fortune or fame, and those things would seem to be far out of reach for a psychoanalyst, even one who would influence the way we think about everything.  It had to do with an inner life, one that was extremely full, often terrifying, and always exciting.  He understood that his extraordinary life was also one that involved lots of periods of deep reflection, with lots of solitude, and small actions that might not appear to have any kind of great weight.  A man in a room, smoking a pipe, reading and occasionally writing, is not the stuff that celebrities are made of, and that was as true then as it is now.

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Fun and Popular Hot Tub Accessories

With all of the amazing advances in hot tub design and technological aspects that have occurred throughout the last decade it should be no surprise that the accessories and various options and additional features that are available for them has also increased drastically. When looking at today’s market the reality of owning one of the personal hot tubs spas is more affordable and pleasurable than ever before. There has never been a better time to own a home spa system and this is emphasized more when considered in context to the value increase they can provide to your home.

The many accessories that are available for hot tubs are oriented toward different purposes. Some of them are there for aesthetic value and some are there to optimize the pleasure of the hot tub experience. Meanwhile other accessories are developed to … Read the rest

The Good Sense, and Good Scents, of a Backyard Hot Tub

When I lived in Chicago, the only way to get warm in the winter was to soak in a hot bath.  When I broke both of my ankles, the only way to build up strength without putting stress on those ankles was in the swimming pool.  So it made sense to me, that when I was having trouble sleeping at night, I went online and found  I read up on the health benefits, physical, mental and spiritual, that owning your own hot tub provides, and I was sold.  What I needed to do now, was to plan just where to put it.  I considered putting it in my Arizona room, and considered putting it on my patio.  But I was so into backyard design after reading about hot tubs, that I decided I would place the new hot tub, … Read the rest

Hot Tub Makes Perfect Wedding Gift

Tony had finally waited long enough. About a year ago he had contacted his local hot tub dealer to inquire about the possibility of adding one to his back yard. He had a difficult time getting information and prices and let the project go for some time. He recently became engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Lila, and the two of them decided that they would live in Tony’s house after the wedding. This gave him pause to reconsider the extent of improvement needs his backyard required. After giving it some thought, Tony decided he would completely redesign the backyard landscape and install a hot tub into the yard as surprise wedding gift to Lila.

However, when Tony started investigating potential hot tub models he did not return to his local dealer, but instead looked into an online company choosehottubsdirect.comRead the rest

Making Our House a Home

Last year, after just two years of marriage, my husband and I decided to buy our first house.  Little did we realize that if we had just waited another year, we could have saved ourselves several thousand dollars – oh well.  We love our house and, being a woman, I have so enjoyed planning and decorating each and every room; from the bedroom to bathroom and the library to our future children’s rooms. Because our house is about 20 years, one of the first things we realized we needed to replace were the windows.  The original windows were the old single-pane glass, and as a result we could hear every car that drove past our house.  So we saved up some money and had nice dual-pane, energy saver windows installed.  I have to say, they have been worth every … Read the rest

Solar Powered Energy to Light the Out Door Kitchen

In many states across the country, people celebrate the warmer weather by holding holidays and functions such as graduation parties and weddings outside.  In the state of Arizona however the cooler weather is celebrated, so much so the many homeowners are choosing to add kitchens to their back patios, or building them poolside.  The kitchens are equipped with everything from an out door sink, refrigerator, oven, grill and sometimes even a counter top for preparation and serving their guests.

Many times these celebrations are magically enhanced with the use of the white string lights, candles, tiki torches and paper lanterns.  One consideration with the tiki torches and the candles is that they may be dangerous depending on where they are placed, and they need constant attention should they burn out from time to time.  One of the options many … Read the rest