Famous People with Fibromyalgia


One of the most difficult things about pain is that it is such an intensely personal experience.  The person suffering hopes that others will understand, and it’s almost impossible to make people understand something that they haven’t experienced.  While everyone has personal encounters with pain in general, the difference between stubbing your toe and suffering chronic pain is enormous.  Today, with new facts about fibromyalgia and more promising treatments always on the horizon, it is becoming a more compassionate world for sufferers.  Likewise, there are also celebrities that take it upon themselves to help get the word out, so that people can educate themselves.


With famous sufferers like Susan Flannery or Sinead O’Connor, there is hope.  Because brave and courageous women like them are willing to speak out about their own experiences, it takes some of the … Read the rest

Gifts of the Present

There’s a spectacular feeling to being able to relax in the privacy of your very own hot tub. When you’ve been having a day that’s gone on much longer than usual, or a week that’s seemed to last a month or more, and you start to think about getting away, having a hot tub in your yard can be almost like taking a vacation but without having to leave the country.  There are certainly those days when we all wish we could leave the country, to escape from the immediate for just a little while.  The comforts of a spa allow for an easy and fast escape, offering great pleasure and a sense of calm that’s always just minutes away.  The effects of hot water on the body are almost immediate, and a relaxed body can make way for a … Read the rest

Two Person Hot Tubs and Reflexology

There is a great feeling of luxury to have your own personal spa at your disposal.  We have a wonderful selection of spas and hot tubs, but the smaller version, for two, three, or four people, are becoming very popular these days.  It’s easy to see why.  Two person hot tubs offer all the benefits of a personal spa without the cleanup.  It’s also a way of understatement, that makes its own rather elegant proclamation.  Pleasure and relaxation are the main priorities, and the hot tub is the place to enjoy the finer moments of life with the one you care about the most.  It’s an excellent way of making a place of elegance in your home, and you can enjoy the spa inside or outside.

You’ll get all sorts of health benefits with your hot tub.  Better sleep, better … Read the rest

The Origin and Practice of Hydrotherapy

The use of water to maintain, to restore ones health, and for revitalization is known as hydrotherapy.  Treatments include everything from saunas, to sitz baths, to steam rooms, and to the use of hat and cold compresses.  During the 19th Century a monk from Bavaria, Sebastian Kneipp, discovered the effects of using water to cure diseases and to eliminate toxins, or waste from ones body.  He is said to be the father of modern hydrotherapy.  Throughout Asia and Europe, going to the mineral and hot springs has always been a common practice.  And now in the United States, as more people are seeking the care of naturopathic doctors and holistic approaches to health, more people are discovering what these other cultures have known for years, and that is that water heals.  Some are going to spas or to the … Read the rest