How to Pick a Winner on a Horse Race Like The Cheltenham Gold Cup

If you like to bet, you probably follow a lot of different sports, although the most common one for betting is the horse races. In a few days, one of the biggest races is coming to England and everyone is geared up and already taking bets. There are even companies that are offering one free bet when you use their services to make a bet of a certain amount or more. The amount change between the companies, but it goes to show that they are taking this very seriously and it looks like everyone wants a piece of the action. It normally isn’t very hard to pick the winner out for the Cheltenham Gold Cup, but this time might be a little bit different as the two leading horses have each won the race before and seem to be racing … Read the rest

The Transformation of Maps with Web 2.0

There have been many things transformed by the information age, but none of them so much so as the map. Having gone from a handmade drawing of what could be seen in the surrounding area to a digital representation of the world, the map has changed completely. It used to be that if you wanted a map of the world, you had to resort to an inaccurate map created by human drawing skills and the people who came before them. This lead to many different types of maps even after we figured out the general shape and size of most bodies of land and sea. These different types of maps range in many ways and not all are equally accurate. The map we see used most often is the Mercator projection map . This map makes the poles look larger, … Read the rest