Will Today’s Youth Be Interested in Car Collecting?

Car collecting has always seemed to be a huge phenomenon in America. People would collect classic cars and fix them up with rim and tire packages and a custom paint job, and then take them to car shows to bond with other collectors. It’s always seemed to be common whether it was going with family to the car shows or collecting the cars yourself.

Today, it seems that while car collecting is still a major hobby, many young people are not as interested as the previous generation. Fewer teenagers are interested in buying or owning a classic car and many do not know the first thing about how to maintain or fix one. Another major factor is that the majority of people today do not know how to drive a stick shift car, which is a must to own … Read the rest

The Inexperienced Girl, Changes Her Own Car Battery

It is not that complicated to set out doing simple automotive repair at home.  I was filled with trepidation at the thought for a long time.  I am a painter not a mechanic, I get my hands dirty with oils, and not the oils from a car engine.  On top of that, I was always concerned that I would mess something up under the hood of my car.  And while I am not saying I have done anything so complicated as changing a fuel pump or giving my car a valve job, I have learned out to change a spark plug.

How to change a tire and my oil and my windshield wipers.  Do I like to do it?  Not necessarily, but it is good to know certain aspects about one’s own car to ensure that for one, you … Read the rest

What to Look for When Buying Car Tires

Many people have a bit of fear when setting out to buy new car tires. This is justified, as many people are not really sure of just what they should be looking for in a tire.  And they may not know which tire is the best for their needs, for their own personal driving habits or for the weather that they will be spending the most time driving in.

Tires are one of the most important features on a car with regards to safety, so it is important to read up and to know what you will be getting, which really does not take much time at all.  The first aspect to know is when you should replace the old tires.  Many people use the simple test with a penny.  When you insert the penny into the tread of … Read the rest

BMW Cloth Car?

BMW unveiled its latest design philosophy last year — via a radical concept car — that will sure to raise some eyebrows in the automotive industry. It’s called the Light Visionary Model.

There are four main pieces of skin that make up the Visionary’s body: The largest component starts at the front of the car and extends all the way to the base of the windscreen, then down and across the two doors, ending at the rear edge. The next two fabric-like skins begin at the front lower rocker panels, then run across the rear wheel and tire package arches to the back. The last piece of skin makes up the rear deck. The roadster’s scissor-type doors open with its outer skin wrinkled in a very clearly defined pattern, but they are stretched back into a silky-smooth surface when the … Read the rest