The World is a-twitter with Celebrities on Twitter

Social media has changed what it means to be a celebrity. Celebrities that leverage social media tend to be more successful than those that do not. This is especially true for celebrities under 30.

The advantage of social media for celebrities is that it allows them to reach out and connect with their fans. Celebrities and fans can literally talk directly to one another, which up until the last decade have been next to impossible. Sure, fans could send mail and hope for a letter back, but it was rare and impractical due to the volume of mail popular celebrities received.

Lady GagaNow all one has to do is search for a favorite celeb online, locate his or her twitter page, and send a tweet. Savvy celebrities see it as an opportunity to connect with the fans that have made them popular. Here are four of the most popular celebrities under 30 on Twitter:

  1. Justin Bieber
    You can contact Justin Bieber through his twitter account which is @justinbieber. At the time this article was written he had over 34.5 million followers. Justin Bieber’s popularity on Twitter is of course related to his popularity as a pop musician, but what fans really like is that he shares intimate details from his life such as pictures of vacations, inspirational notes, and he regularly retweets what fans say to him. Retweets are the cyber equivalent of a hug. What fan would not love a hug from Justin Bieber?
  2. Lady Gaga
    Lady Gaga is a huge presence on twitter. Her twitter handle is @ladygaga. With over 34 million followers, Lady Gaga is considered a huge social influencer. She calls her fans “Little Monsters.” Fans flock to her because she is genuine and encouraging in her interactions. Her secret to success is showing her nurturing nature and detailing intimate moments and internal thoughts.
  3. Taylor Swift
    Ms. Swift holds her own with over 24 million followers. She can be found at @taylorswift13. Taylor engages her fans by telling them what she is up to, who she is hanging out with, and her accomplishments. She tweets almost every day and shares a lot of pictures. Fans like to follow Taylor because she is genuine in her communications.
  4. Nicki Minaj
    Nicki Minaj is a colorful star of the music community and her personality shines through in her tweets. Her twitter handle is @NICKIMINAJ. With nearly 16 million followers, Nicki is a powerful influence. Her approach is a little different than other stars. She follows other tweeters more willingly and focuses on getting interaction. She ran a recent contest for $1000 cash asking her followers to “show some skin.” Followers complied in droves, tweeting back pictures of themselves, naked, holding a sign that said #Nicki over their private parts. Nicki also tweets several times a day and is generous in her retweets.

These four young celebs are just a few examples of celebrities using twitter to turn fans into fanatical followers. The key to their success is authenticity, interaction, retweeting, and sharing personal stories.

guest post by Mark Guise, an entertainment blogger who covers celebrities for pop culture sites as well as for technology and software sites like this site.

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  1. I thinks this is a great opportunity for the fans. And it makes the stars seem like normal people, you can talk with them as you do with a friend!

  2. I don’t like twitter, neither for normal people or for celebrity… why should I care of anything they think?

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