Celebrities Highlight the Vegan Lifestyle

Celebrities shine out at us from all sorts of places: the big theater screen, TV at home, and from our handheld devices. Their ever-changing presence surrounds us.  Some celebrities bring a special glow of health. Those stars just might be vegan.

Vegetarians have been around for a long time – centuries, in fact. Mahatma Gandhi himself made reference to the International Vegetarian Congress, held in London in September of 1890. He later started writing for their publications. By now vegetarianism is widely understood on the street as someone who chooses to eat plants rather than animals as food.

More recently, vegan culture has been moving into our society’s consciousness for some time. But even five years ago, many people couldn’t even pronounce the word (VEE-gun). “What does that mean?” they would ask.

Vegans Defined

A vegan decides by choice to stop consumption or use of animal foods and/or products. While vegetarians choose not to eat the flesh of animals, vegans go further by avoiding eggs, dairy, and other products from animals: leather, fur, wool, etc. Some even refuse to use chemical products or cosmetics tested on animals.

There are differences among vegans. Dietary vegans do not eat animal products but may use or wear other products from animals. Ethical vegans do not use or eat any animal products and are primarily concerned with animal rights. The sustainability of the environment through vegan diet is the primary concern of a third group. Each group believes that veganism brings benefits, but each emphasizes slightly different values or a mixture: human health, animal rights, or environmental sustainability.

Vegans Glamorized

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has been glamorizing veganism over the past decade or so through polls of “hottest celebrity vegans.” HappyCow provides a long list of vegetarians and vegans on its website. Along with the latest gossip and entertainment news, Socialite Life lists 15 stars who are vegans.

President Clinton is arguably one of the most famous people who has recently chosen a vegan lifestyle. He lost weight for daughter Chelsea’s wedding and looks fabulous. He also firmly believes that the diet will extend his life span.

There is a long list of stars under age 40 who are crowding into the vegan spotlight. Rumor names Katie Holmes, notably starring as Joey Potter on the WB television teen drama Dawson’s Creek, as a real life vegan. She played a vegan in The Extra Man. 

Portia de Rossi is an Australian actress.  She played in Ally McBeal and Arrested Development.  She moved to a California farm with Ellen [DeGeneres]. That move and her subsequent experience with farm animals prompted her to become vegan.

Zooey Deschanel already has a long list of acting credits on her resume, including a 2012 Emmy Awards nomination. She enjoys eating produce from her very own vegetable garden.

 Davey Havok is a talented song writer and singer, and lives a vegan lifestyle. He also is known for his lines of vegan based clothing and shoes.

Guest post by Tina Michelle-Royse, a Colorado blogger and poet. She has contributed to numerous sites around the web from health and nutrition sites to travel magazines.

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  1. Wonderful!!! I’m vegetarian and I’d like to become vagan, mainly for ethical values.I didn’t know the vegan diet was so popular between stars..

  2. I’ve just discovered Zoey Deschanel in New Girl, I didn’t know she was vegan! Now i appreciate her even more!!!

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