Horizontal or Vertical Blinds?

When choosing new blinds for a home, there are usually two types of blinds available to consumers. These are horizontal blinds and vertical blinds. The difference can be huge in terms of style, but not in terms of use or purpose. The choice of one or the other can be the difference in a whole room from a flash of color, to making the room a little more elegant. Vertical blinds are not as common in houses as horizontal blinds and can add a little extra flair to the room, this can be a nice personal touch in a room that many people will be in often. These blinds aren’t usually very good for smaller windows like those often found in bathrooms, but are great for large view windows like in a living room or bedrooms. Horizontal blinds are not … Read the rest

How to Pick a Winner on a Horse Race Like The Cheltenham Gold Cup

If you like to bet, you probably follow a lot of different sports, although the most common one for betting is the horse races. In a few days, one of the biggest races is coming to England and everyone is geared up and already taking bets. There are even companies that are offering one free bet when you use their services to make a bet of a certain amount or more. The amount change between the companies, but it goes to show that they are taking this very seriously and it looks like everyone wants a piece of the action. It normally isn’t very hard to pick the winner out for the Cheltenham Gold Cup, but this time might be a little bit different as the two leading horses have each won the race before and seem to be racing … Read the rest

A Vancouver Island Kind of Story

When I made the choice to move to vancouver island , it was a decision I based on two people who had influence my life. The first person, was my father. He was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. I had been there once, or so I was told as I was too young to remember it. But the way that he spoke about the Pacific Northwest…in the middle of a summer in Phoenix, just made me wish that I was there.

There are many beautiful cities in Canada to consider moving to toronto , Montreal, Ottawa…but I wanted Vancouver. The second person, who played a role, in seconding my opinion, was an artist who owned a house on the island. I had seen her photographs of ship yards, of the long white masts pointing to the blue and grays … Read the rest