Blinds and the Art of Inner Travel

Toward the end of his life, Carl Jung said that he was the luckiest man he ever knew.  It had nothing to do with any kind of fortune or fame, and those things would seem to be far out of reach for a psychoanalyst, even one who would influence the way we think about everything.  It had to do with an inner life, one that was extremely full, often terrifying, and always exciting.  He understood that his extraordinary life was also one that involved lots of periods of deep reflection, with lots of solitude, and small actions that might not appear to have any kind of great weight.  A man in a room, smoking a pipe, reading and occasionally writing, is not the stuff that celebrities are made of, and that was as true then as it is now.

However, … Read the rest

Fun and Popular Hot Tub Accessories

With all of the amazing advances in hot tub design and technological aspects that have occurred throughout the last decade it should be no surprise that the accessories and various options and additional features that are available for them has also increased drastically. When looking at today’s market the reality of owning one of the personal hot tubs spas is more affordable and pleasurable than ever before. There has never been a better time to own a home spa system and this is emphasized more when considered in context to the value increase they can provide to your home.

The many accessories that are available for hot tubs are oriented toward different purposes. Some of them are there for aesthetic value and some are there to optimize the pleasure of the hot tub experience. Meanwhile other accessories are developed to … Read the rest

TransGlobe and Great Property Managers

Great property managers have many things in common, one such thing being the ability to really listen to their tenants, and being able to and open to communication.  This is what defines those at TransGlobe Property Management, this is what makes this company stand out.  They are involved in the lives of their residents, be they living or working tenants, they are proactive and they remain knowledgeable and up to date, current and modern.

They are resourceful, articulate and personable, they make excellence something that all other property management companies strive for.  The basis behind their competence has to do with their ability to create communities within their properties.  All of the agents communicate on a regular basis, with all of their tenants in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.  Conflicts in life arise only as a … Read the rest