Two Person Hot Tubs and Reflexology

There is a great feeling of luxury to have your own personal spa at your disposal.  We have a wonderful selection of spas and hot tubs, but the smaller version, for two, three, or four people, are becoming very popular these days.  It’s easy to see why.  Two person hot tubs offer all the benefits of a personal spa without the cleanup.  It’s also a way of understatement, that makes its own rather elegant proclamation.  Pleasure and relaxation are the main priorities, and the hot tub is the place to enjoy the finer moments of life with the one you care about the most.  It’s an excellent way of making a place of elegance in your home, and you can enjoy the spa inside or outside.

You’ll get all sorts of health benefits with your hot tub.  Better sleep, better circulation, and all in all a better outlook will all contribute to making a better quality of life.  The effects on the sleep cycles are really quite extraordinary.  There is a good deal of evidence to suggest that there’s a link between hot baths and deeper sleep.  Even a foot bath can help in deeper sleep, and falling asleep faster.  The body likes water.  We’re made of mostly water, so it makes good sense that a regular regimen of submersion is simply good for us.

It’s interesting that immersing the feet only has such a profound effect on the body.  In reflexology, the idea is that all the nerves end at the feet.  Stimulation of different parts of the feet have correlations with the rest of the body.  This ancient practice goes back to Egypt, China, and Japan, and has a lot of credibility in alternative health circles.  Submerging the feet in hot water sounds like a splendid idea, and one that would be very easy to get used to.  But submerging the whole body, so that the massaging water can work its way through the muscles, dissolving tension, also sounds like a rathe lovely way to end a day.

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