The Origin and Practice of Hydrotherapy

The use of water to maintain, to restore ones health, and for revitalization is known as hydrotherapy.  Treatments include everything from saunas, to sitz baths, to steam rooms, and to the use of hat and cold compresses.  During the 19th Century a monk from Bavaria, Sebastian Kneipp, discovered the effects of using water to cure diseases and to eliminate toxins, or waste from ones body.  He is said to be the father of modern hydrotherapy.  Throughout Asia and Europe, going to the mineral and hot springs has always been a common practice.  And now in the United States, as more people are seeking the care of naturopathic doctors and holistic approaches to health, more people are discovering what these other cultures have known for years, and that is that water heals.  Some are going to spas or to the … Read the rest

Relaxing Effects of Hot Tubs and Spas

The addition of hot tubs and spas to one’s backyard or home, is exciting and will lead to many nights and days of relaxation and rejuvenation.  In the quest for managing stress levels, one of the most essential elements is the reduction of tension in the mind and in the body.  This involves more than enjoying and practicing a hobby, more than just peace of mind, it is a process that serves to reduce the negative effects on one’s mind and on the body.  In this fast paced world of working all day, picking the kids up from school, sitting in traffic and worrying about finances, individuals can tend to forget about themselves, they can forget to, or have literally forgotten how to…just simply relax.

If one chooses to install their hot tubs and spas into their backyard, gardens … Read the rest

Kristin Cavallari to replace Lauren Conrad on The Hills

It all started with MTV’s reality show about rich High School Students called Laguna Beach. The focused mostly on the teen trials of relationships in a California beach town, and for one reason or another everyone on any world maps could just not get enough of it.

During Laguna Beach, Kristin Cavallari was its star. But when former show mate and reality rival Lauren Conrad decided to take her show up the map of California to LA, she was given her own show. Alas, The Hills was born and after five seasons Conrad has decided to leave the cakey-st job in the entire world.

So Hills fans across the entire map of the world were left wondering what would happen to their Monday night guilty pleasure. Although, admittedly, Conrad has been fading into the background in the show, being replaced … Read the rest