Jackie Chan & Stephen Chow Ranked Tops in Asia

At last month’s Hong Kong International Film and Television exhibition, Jackie Chan was ranked with Stephen Chow amongst the best selling actors as well as as the best selling directors in Asia.

Around 330 attendees of the event were surveyed. The event, one of the premiere entertainment trade shows in Asia, is held in conjunction with the Hong Kong International Film Festival which runs through April 13th. Actors, directors, and other movie and television glitterati flock to the best hotels Hong Kong during the festivities.

Other actors considered to be best-selling were Tong Leung, Jet Li, Jay Chou, and Andy Lau. Topping the best-selling actress list were Maggie Cheung of “2046,” Zhang Ziyi of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” fame and Bond girl Michelle Yeoh. Others on the list were Gong Li and Shu Qi.

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