Twins for Jolie and Brad

Subtitle Jack Black confirms that the couple are definitely expecting? Related Video Subject Matter brad pitt, angelina jolie, twins, babies, pregnancy, jack black, cannes, film festival Short body (mobile/iTV – 320 chars or so, no HTML or internal links) Body

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Kerry Katona Drops 3 Stone

Subtitle The star sheds her baby weight in record time? Related Video kerry katona crazy in love, kerry katona, mark croft Subject Matter kerry, kerry katona, loose weight, fitness Short body (mobile/iTV – 320 chars or so, no HTML or internal links) Body

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Phoenix Jazz Group

I love jazz music! I play it when I’m at home, when I’m working…and while I am driving. It just makes me feel good. I find it relaxing…..and I also find it mentally stimulating. Listening to the great music of John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Bill Evans and other great jazz groups is relaxing, but it also makes me think. I dont know what it is about this type of music but I find it mentally stimulating.

Here in Arizona there is no lack of Phoenix jazz groups. There is great music but you really have to search it out as the venues come and go on a regular basis. The best thing to do is to find a newspaper or one of the various online sites that list venues and which Arizona jazz band is playing. Then pick … Read the rest

Dial K for Konnections

Hello. Thank you for dialing directory assistance. This information operator would like to thank all of you salivating celebrity gossip junkies. Seriously, from the helm of my shiny new personal watercraft, I just want to say danke sch

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