Jessica Biel – The Cleanest Celebrity!!

Jessica Biel has been voted the cleanest celebrity!

The Illusionist’ actress and girlfriend of Justin Timberlake was named the most healthy-living star by SoCal Cleanse Detox users, while Amy Winehouse was voted the “dirtiest” and most unhealthy.

While Jessica, 26, walked away with the SoCal Cleanse Cleanest Celebrity Award for the women, David Beckham won the award for the healthiest male star.  Read more

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Celebs and Commercials

Commercials can act as a launch pad for some celebs or a second-coming for others. Several of today’s biggest stars got their start in commercials when they were just in their teens, or younger. Other celebs that have had successful careers in the past and since retired, have chosen to step back in the limelight by endorsing a product, serivice or cause. Davy Jones, a former member of the hit group the Monkees, has done this by endorsing Gorilla Trades‘ stock picking service. Commercials have also been a way for celeberties to get out a message about which they feel strongly, usually for a cause of some sort.

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