Celebs Can’t Hide Anything

This obviously isn’t new news, just a comment on the blatant fact.  Seeing as people want to know absolutley everything about celebrities, you might as well know which celebs are riding motorcycles and what kind they’re riding, so maybe you can get one for yourself. There is a list that exposes seemingly every celebrity that owns a motorcycle – anything from vespas to iron horse custom choppers.

Now anybody looking to get their custom motorcycles can model them after their favorite celebrity; but i guess that would undermine the meaning of ‘custom’.

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Intelligence Not Prerequisite to be a Star

There are so many celebrities today that prove this point.  The obvious ones are Britney, Paris, and LiLo, but there are many other celebs, as well, who just lack the common sense of any normal person.  I guess for the studio execs that’s good because it is easier for them to control their puppets and rake in the dough.

I mean i doubt britney can even use her car navigation system, let alone read any of the California maps.  But i guess if your rich you don’t need smarts; this is a sad thought that is becoming a reality.

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