The Way Celebs Spend, Some May Have Questions in Retirement

Hollywood is by no means a secure industry; one day your hot, the next you’re not and can’t even get a roll in a straight to DVD movie.  What is a celeb to do when the roles stop coming in and the lights are turned off?  After exasperating every opportunity to be exploited by “celebreality” shows like the surreal life, and after getting over the denial of their demise by ingesting every drug they can get their hands on, they may have to wake up and smell the real world coffee; and guess what, it’s not a $8 frappachino.  I’d love to see how the spoiled young hollywood actresses would react when the papzo really stopped following them like they wish they would and had to work an 8-5.

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Celebs Can Act as Venture Capital

The tabloids and news magazines expend all of their effort on few, and for the most part untalented, stars.  However, outside of the limelight there are a number of celebs who use their good fortune to benefit others (and sometimes themselves).  It is no secret that celebs are paid exorbitant salaries, and some of them spend it on things more worthwhile than parties (paris) and drugs (britney and lindsey).

These celebs that invest their money in productive ventures, such as non-profits or innovative businesses, act as another source of venture capital.  Of course, they may not be as accessible as some other California based firms like Arthur Trueger’s BerkeleyVC, but sometime the best way to start your business is with the backing of a celeb.

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