Weddings of the Future

Weddings are probably the most classic and traditional of ceremonies in existence today.  However a Japanese couple gave their wedding a unique and modern touch.  A robot.  The I-Fairy is a robot that leads tour groups around museums and other tourist sites in Japan, but with some reprograming it can do much more.

Saying Goodbye to Brooks & Dunn

Whether you are a country music fan or not, it is hard to miss the stunning duo Brooks and Dunn. Both successful songwriters, they came together in 1991 and have been making great music ever since. Over the past 19 years they have become one of the top selling groups of this era. In December they announced that although they will no longer be recording together, they were going to do a farewell tour. The tour started on April 23 in Sacramento and, if the first show is any indication, don’t wait to buy tickets because they are selling fast. For information on tour dates and tickets, check out their website.