Horizontal or Vertical Blinds?

When choosing new blinds for a home, there are usually two types of blinds available to consumers. These are horizontal blinds and vertical blinds. The difference can be huge in terms of style, but not in terms of use or purpose. The choice of one or the other can be the difference in a whole room from a flash of color, to making the room a little more elegant. Vertical blinds are not as common in houses as horizontal blinds and can add a little extra flair to the room, this can be a nice personal touch in a room that many people will be in often. These blinds aren’t usually very good for smaller windows like those often found in bathrooms, but are great for large view windows like in a living room or bedrooms. Horizontal blinds are not as elegant and are better for the small windows, but can be used for any window type.

Horizontal blinds are the most common blinds found in houses, and attach in a fairly standard way. There is not a lot of elegance in these blinds, but they are cheap and they do the job they are intended to do very well. They are the best window treatment option for rooms in which a lot of water is used. Easy to clean off if something spills on them, and they won’t be damaged if a little water rests on them for a while. While there is a large variety of these blinds, aluminum is the most common. They can usually be found in any color to match the standing decor of your room.

Vertical blinds come in a number of fashions, from fabrics to vinyl, these blinds can be made to custom match the decor of a room by finding just the right print that goes with the room. Often they can even be made to compliment a couch if put up in a living room. These blinds attach slightly differently, but act in much the same way. Usually vertical blinds are best for rooms that need to be made completely dark, as the overlap in vertical blinds efficiently blocks out the sun. There is a mechanism that keeps all the blinds at the same angle, and they can be adjusted by hand, or by chord. Some companies will even offer to motorize these blinds, taking away the need for a chord.

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