Blinds and the Art of Inner Travel

Toward the end of his life, Carl Jung said that he was the luckiest man he ever knew.  It had nothing to do with any kind of fortune or fame, and those things would seem to be far out of reach for a psychoanalyst, even one who would influence the way we think about everything.  It had to do with an inner life, one that was extremely full, often terrifying, and always exciting.  He understood that his extraordinary life was also one that involved lots of periods of deep reflection, with lots of solitude, and small actions that might not appear to have any kind of great weight.  A man in a room, smoking a pipe, reading and occasionally writing, is not the stuff that celebrities are made of, and that was as true then as it is now.

However, he understood that because he knew the inner workings of his own mind, or at least understood how unknowable much of the terrain was, that it was extremely rewarding.  These things are not only available to great thinkers or mystics, but are available to anyone, and any place can be the entrance into fascinating worlds.  This is reason enough to make the place one lives in as lovely as possible, and Next Day Blinds can help to elevate any living space.  Their simple and lovely materials are carefully crafted so that there is an element of luxury and comfort in all of their window dressings.

Next Day Blinds might not immediately make one think about a rich, inner life, but after spending a little time in your new surroundings, the connection is actually obvious.  Making the place where you live, and spend time thinking about the world, more pleasant, and more beautiful, makes it easier to sit quietly.  Having time for reflection in a beautiful space can help open up the doors to an inner life that is as rich as the one Jung lived, and from there, it’s possible to travel the world without leaving your chair.

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