The Good Sense, and Good Scents, of a Backyard Hot Tub

When I lived in Chicago, the only way to get warm in the winter was to soak in a hot bath.  When I broke both of my ankles, the only way to build up strength without putting stress on those ankles was in the swimming pool.  So it made sense to me, that when I was having trouble sleeping at night, I went online and found  I read up on the health benefits, physical, mental and spiritual, that owning your own hot tub provides, and I was sold.  What I needed to do now, was to plan just where to put it.  I considered putting it in my Arizona room, and considered putting it on my patio.  But I was so into backyard design after reading about hot tubs, that I decided I would place the new hot tub, right in the middle of a garden.  While I am allergic to bees, flowers are just one of those things in life that I can not life without.

And I figured that if aromatherapy relieves stress and fills one with the desire to fall to sleep, I also figured that putting the tub in the middle of a natural, aroma-therapeutic garden would be just the thing.  I wanted to combine the scents that I love, and while roses do fill a garden with a great smell, they tend to be a bit too overpowering for my sense of smell.  I wanted a good and earthy scent, of herbs and perhaps just a bit of perfume.  For the lower levels of the garden I choose the creeping carpets of woolly thyme, a bit of basil and some chamomile.  Around the outside boundaries I planted vines of tomatoes, for when you mist the leaves a bit at dusk, the scent is incredible.  For the final touches I added some vines of jasmine and a couple of magnolia bushes…we’ll see how the magnolia does, as I’ve never had much luck getting them to bloom a second time.  For now however, my hot tub in the center of my garden, has served me well.  Tonight as I’m sweetly sleeping, my dreams will be sweet as well.

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