Hot Tub Makes Perfect Wedding Gift

Tony had finally waited long enough. About a year ago he had contacted his local hot tub dealer to inquire about the possibility of adding one to his back yard. He had a difficult time getting information and prices and let the project go for some time. He recently became engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Lila, and the two of them decided that they would live in Tony’s house after the wedding. This gave him pause to reconsider the extent of improvement needs his backyard required. After giving it some thought, Tony decided he would completely redesign the backyard landscape and install a hot tub into the yard as surprise wedding gift to Lila.

However, when Tony started investigating potential hot tub models he did not return to his local dealer, but instead looked into an online company He was immediately impressed with the quality of the web page and greatly interested a lot of the products. When he made contact with the company he was relieved at the efficiency and friendliness of the communication. He appreciated all the information he received and after a short time felt he was ready to make his decision.

Tony wanted the backyard to be complete before Lila moved in, but he also wanted to keep the hot tub a secret until the wedding. He decided he would have to insist that Lila not come over to the house during the week before the wedding. He invented some family tradition to support this and carefully arranged to have the deck built and the hot tub installed during that time and while they were on their honeymoon. Thanks to the care and professionalism of choose hot tubs direct, the plan went off smoothly and Lila was absolutely shocked and amazed when she saw her new tub in the newly designed backyard. She started to cry and needless to say the honeymoon continued on through the following year.

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