Making Our House a Home

Last year, after just two years of marriage, my husband and I decided to buy our first house.  Little did we realize that if we had just waited another year, we could have saved ourselves several thousand dollars – oh well.  We love our house and, being a woman, I have so enjoyed planning and decorating each and every room; from the bedroom to bathroom and the library to our future children’s rooms. Because our house is about 20 years, one of the first things we realized we needed to replace were the windows.  The original windows were the old single-pane glass, and as a result we could hear every car that drove past our house.  So we saved up some money and had nice dual-pane, energy saver windows installed.  I have to say, they have been worth every penny.
It was then that I realized that with these beautiful, new windows we would need some new blinds.  After doing some research on the Better Business Bureau, I found Next Day Blinds.  I spent several hours browsing their website (they have an excellent selection) before I decided to give them a call.  They sent someone out, at a convenient time for me, to measure each of our windows and give me a more accurate quote.  They then took the order to custom make the blinds specifically for my windows.  The next day when my blinds were ready they came and installed them in no time at all.  I tend to be very picky about the quality of products and services but the Next Day Blinds customer service department will not be hearing from me.  Not only do my new blinds look great but each of the workers was considerate and professional.  Based on my experience I don’t know how anyone would have Next Day Blinds issues.
Even though I know it will take a while to make our house look just right, I feel confident that we are moving ever closer to making our house not just a home, but the home of our dreams.

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