The Inexperienced Girl, Changes Her Own Car Battery

It is not that complicated to set out doing simple automotive repair at home.  I was filled with trepidation at the thought for a long time.  I am a painter not a mechanic, I get my hands dirty with oils, and not the oils from a car engine.  On top of that, I was always concerned that I would mess something up under the hood of my car.  And while I am not saying I have done anything so complicated as changing a fuel pump or giving my car a valve job, I have learned out to change a spark plug.

How to change a tire and my oil and my windshield wipers.  Do I like to do it?  Not necessarily, but it is good to know certain aspects about one’s own car to ensure that for one, you do not get stuck in the middle of no where, with car or motorcycle manuals, and without a mechanic.  And secondly, I know enough now, for the most part, to know if a shady mechanic is trying to take advantage of a situation.  Learning about the simple stuff is not as hard as it seems.  One thing I learned to do recently is to change my own battery.  Luckily in my glove compartment I did have one of the small engine repair manuals at my disposal.

The heat of the Phoenix desert is very hard on car batteries.  If the water evaporates, which happens quickly, the battery will simply pop when you turn the key, and then the car will not start.  Again.  Until you get a new battery.  The first thing I read was to disconnect the old battery’s terminals.  First to remove the black cable and then the red.  I don’t know why, but that is what it said.  Then it is best to clean the terminals with a toothbrush and baking soda.  In a pinch, Coca Cola works as well.  I had the proper battery for my car already.  So I installed it as per instructions in the manual.  I reconnected the cables and started my car.  It worked and I could not believe it.  The final step was to take my old battery to Pep Boys so it could be properly disposed of and I was on my way.

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