Solar Powered Energy to Light the Out Door Kitchen

In many states across the country, people celebrate the warmer weather by holding holidays and functions such as graduation parties and weddings outside.  In the state of Arizona however the cooler weather is celebrated, so much so the many homeowners are choosing to add kitchens to their back patios, or building them poolside.  The kitchens are equipped with everything from an out door sink, refrigerator, oven, grill and sometimes even a counter top for preparation and serving their guests.

Many times these celebrations are magically enhanced with the use of the white string lights, candles, tiki torches and paper lanterns.  One consideration with the tiki torches and the candles is that they may be dangerous depending on where they are placed, and they need constant attention should they burn out from time to time.  One of the options many people are choosing these days, is solar generated energy panels.  They create the lighting necessary for seeing what one is doing in the kitchen, as well as creating ambiance and atmosphere.  Some are even used to power fountains set up throughout the party.  Solar powered bulbs can be placed in the tiki torches and the candle holders, still creating the magical or exotic effect, but at far less of a danger.

The generators necessary for such a party are very small and do not interfere with the decorations or the theme of the party.  In fact, the solar lighting companies are becoming quite creative in their designs, offering everything from funky ‘orb’ style lights, lit pathways and sidewalks, to nets of sparkling stars either strung through the trees or used as backdrops for the event.  They can even install custom dance floors with subtle club-like lighting that will flicker to the beat of the music.  The options are endless when one is choosing to take the party outdoors and choosing as well, to light the event using Solar energy.

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