Today’s News

Jessica Alba’s body got her into trouble at school…

Natalie Portman arrives at the Letterman show

Mary-Kate Olsen at Paris Fashion Week

Jamie Lynn Spears was an accident too….

Lindsay Lohan in Full Swing

In the News

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have their hands full

Miley Cyrus and puppy

Britney Spears pregnant with Adnans baby

Aly Michalka and AJs new record 

Rachel Bilson in tight jeans

Britney Spears has a fit 

Daily News Update

Natalie Portman may bare all again…

Kate Hudson loves to get naked… 

Lindsay Lohan working again?

Ashlee Simpson engaged and pregnant?

Paris Hilton got engaged? 

Weekend Update

Here’s an Oscars round up 

Lindsay Lohan in Rome

Corbin Bleu’s been having nightmares about Miley Cyrus

Hilary Duff out for dinner

Levin Rambin to make some rap music!…

There has been an Amy Winehouse self harm scare

Ashley Olsen puts on the beef…

Hilary Duff in Bikini and Other News Roundup

Hilary Duff’s bikini video

Amy Winehouse trashes her room

Lindsay Lohan hides her alcohol

Miley Cyrus on being a teenager

Lindsay Lohan’s nude outtakes

Miley Cyrus forgets to wear seatbelt

Morning Update

Lindsay Lohans mom loves her nude photos

Nichole Richie is a great parent

Meanwhile Britney Spears is denied access to her sons

Get your own Hannah Montana makeover

Is Lindsay Lohan going wrestling?

Rachel Bilson gets drunk before getting it on… 

Ashely Tisdales stunning photoshoot

Vanessa Hudgens Caught On Tape?

Does Vanessa Hudgens have a sex tape?


Jamie Lynn Spears has been active

JoJo takes a walk

Julia Allison’s blog posts can be nasty

American Idol controversies begin

More Stuff

Rumer Willis gets rejected

Emily Osment to be a pop star?

Britney Spears flashes while sushi-ing

Lily Allen gets canned

Vanessa Hudgens goes to England