Britney Spears Taken to Hospital

Britney Spears was taken to hospital this morning by ambulance after her psychiatrist felt her mental condition had deteriorated.

ET/Insider Back Out Of Showing Heath Ledger Drugs Video

ET/Insider has decided to back out of showing the Heath Ledger Drugs Video. Ledger does not take any drugs in the footage shot at the notorious Chateau Marmont hotel in LA.

It will not be shown in full on American TV after the stations due to broadcast it declared: “Out of respect for his family, Entertainment Tonight and The Insider have decided not to run the Heath Ledger video.”

Instead they showed a small part of the film.

View the video

Heath Ledger Drug Video from ET/Insider

Be prepared for a Heath Ledger drug video to be shown by ET/Insider.

This comes at a time when all sort of info is appearing in the press such as Heath Ledger ‘refused help for heroin abuse

Lindsay, Tara and Britney’s Nipples!

Lindsay Lohan tries to quit fags…smoking that is…..

Tara Reid parties hard

Britney’s manager slams her parents

Rachel, Hayden, Miley and Britney

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen arrive back in LA from Aspen

Miley Cyrus is letting off steam 

Britney has some strange friends  She is currently being treated by a psychiatrist for “mental issues”.

Lindsay, Mary-Kate and Tara

Lindsay Lohan furred up in NYC

Tara Reid drunk in London

Mary-Kate Olsen is in the thick of things in the Heath Ledger tragedy

Lindsay, Britney and Angelina

Lindsay Lohan’s drug dealer speaks

Britney’s uncle names her drugs

Angelina Jolie is pregnant with….twins?

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Maria Stirs Controversy Down Under

Well, not really. It was the tennis looker’s father who caused a fuss when he made a throat slashing gesture after his daughter put an end to Justine Henin’s 32 match win streak in the quarter finals of the Australian Open.  While to most people this gesture can be written off, for governing sports bodies such as the WTA or ITF, these gestures need to be dealt with. At least that’s what people thought; Sharapova’s dad would be fined or banned for awhile, etc.  I mean if the NFL outlaws the gesture the ruling bodies of women’s tennis will certainly react to such a threatening gesture, right?  Wrong.  The WTA and ITF didn’t do jack.  They actually made up stories, like it was an inside joke.

Heath, Britney and Katherine

Find out all about the Heath Ledger tragedy her RIP Heath

Britney is in court today

Katherine Heigl is now in LA

Mary Kate, Britney and Amy

More on Mary Kate at Sundance

Britney denies knowing Adnam

Amy is on crack