Britany, Matthew and Johnny

Britany’s younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant at 16.

Matthew McConaughey injures his face

A list of the best and worst autograph signers.  Johnny Depp’s #1,

Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan

Hillary Duff has her hands full

Lindsay Lohan is back on the sauce?

Meanwhile Quentin Tarantino loves Lindsay 

Hillary and Michael

Hillary Duff has nose problems!

Though not really a hip young thing we must state that Michael Jackson is looking better!

The Olsens, Lindsay And Her Pal

The Olsens as elves

Lindsay Lohan sings 

Lohan’s pal Samantha Ronson is sued

Jessica, The Olsens, Kristen and Rachel

Jessica Alba is pregnant The baby is due in late spring.

PETA targets the Olsen twins for wearing fur and featuring it in collections.

Kristen Bell and Rachel Bilson together

Jessica Biel – The Cleanest Celebrity!!

Jessica Biel has been voted the cleanest celebrity!

The Illusionist’ actress and girlfriend of Justin Timberlake was named the most healthy-living star by SoCal Cleanse Detox users, while Amy Winehouse was voted the “dirtiest” and most unhealthy.

While Jessica, 26, walked away with the SoCal Cleanse Cleanest Celebrity Award for the women, David Beckham won the award for the healthiest male star.  Read more

Celebrity Gossip December 7, 2007

Lindsey Lohan is see through

Sex in the City is coming closer

Keira Knightley is exposed  She also discusses her latest movie Atonement’s sex scenes

Celebs and Commercials

Commercials can act as a launch pad for some celebs or a second-coming for others. Several of today’s biggest stars got their start in commercials when they were just in their teens, or younger. Other celebs that have had successful careers in the past and since retired, have chosen to step back in the limelight by endorsing a product, serivice or cause. Davy Jones, a former member of the hit group the Monkees, has done this by endorsing Gorilla Trades‘ stock picking service. Commercials have also been a way for celeberties to get out a message about which they feel strongly, usually for a cause of some sort.

Dear Alfred, Gertie and Mummy-snooks: Love, Noelie

?The Letters of No